GameByte Episode 39 - underDOGS Vaibhav Chavan Interview

GameByte Episode 39 - underDOGS Vaibhav Chavan Interview

Show notes

Are you ready for some tears? underDOGS has you covered with their newest game!

On today's GameByte we talk to founder and CEO of underDOGS Gaming Studio, Vaibhav Chavan, about their new game, Till the Dawn, Waiting! We also delve into their other soon to be released PC game, Mukti, as well as what goes on behind the scenes with an indie game studio.

8:16 Mukti 16:42 Till the Dawn Waiting 25:52 Connections with pets 29:27 Vaibhav's background 30:31 Mechanics 42:15 Destructoid article and initial reception

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