GameByte 93 - Archer Perez, Sonic to be remodeled,  and more!

GameByte 93 - Archer Perez, Sonic to be remodeled, and more!

Show notes

Note: Quite a bit of Filipino is spoken in this episode and we apologize to our foreign listeners. Archer Perez comes back one year after we first talked to him, and we get the low down on what he's been doing since. In gaming news, we have BioWare leaders moving to Dragon Age 4, we have the Sega and Paramount say #gottafixitfast for Sonic's looks for the upcoming movie, and a Detective Pikachu leak courtesy of Ryan Reynolds himself!

35:54 We talk to Archer 1:25:38 Bioware higher ups move to Dragon Age 4 1:31:16 Sonic the movie goes fast to change his look 1:41:40 Ryan Reynolds gives us a nice long Pikachu dance loop!

For more Archer Perez, check him out at

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