GameByte 61 - Skyrim Director Blames YOU

GameByte 61 - Skyrim Director Blames YOU

Show notes

SKIP THIS EPISODE, or at least ignore the part between the Skyrim news and the Warframe news!

On this episode of GameByte, Skyrim's director blames you for all its ports, Luigi's balloons weren't meant to be used like that, Netflix wants video game shows, the record breaking Shanghai Dragons, and more!

1:15 Tangent 21:29 Skyrim Director blames YOU for Longevity 35:05 Warframe comes to the Nintendo Switch 43:17 Pornography Invades Mario Odyssey 46:34 Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee 50:14 Witcher Netflix series begins casting & Castlevania s2 52:38 New video game release dates BLIZZ CORNER 54:26 Hearthstone The Boomsday Project 1:03:01 PSA: BFA Pre-Patch is Dropping 1:03:52 OWL Play-offs 1:04:49 Record Breaking Shanghai Dragons 1:10:10 Overwatch World Cup 2018

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